Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Must Dos: Make A Dress

       Dresses and summer are like cookies and milk. There are a ton of summer dresses out there, and it is sometimes hard to find the one that you love. I love wearing dresses during the summer, and it is easy to make one that you will love.
     My sundress is something not-so simple; it was going to be a simple elastic band dress. But you know me I don't do simple if I want something better! It was a pain in the rear to make without a pattern, but I really love the end result!My dress form Angelina is modeling my design, I bought her at a yard sale for $50. I really like how her measurements are adjustable, and I can stick pins in her.
    But I don't suggest that you try that out unless you are prepared to get patient!
 An easy sundress to make is one like this:
It's made of a smocked material that is hemmed at the bottom.You can usually buy the material at Joanna's or Walmart, basically any fabric store.You buy a yard or two depending on how large you are around the bust. Then you can buy some ribbon to make the straps.All you have to do is sew the side of the dress and the straps on and Ta da! You have a fabulous new sundress, that didn't take that long to make! I would suggest getting the fabric on sale, because if you don't it can be pretty pricey. They also sell the fabric in different lengths, so you can make them for girls of all ages.

~ Maren

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  1. Hey, of course she wears a t'shirt under this dress. I think your Dad paid $75.00 for your dress form, which was such a steal of a deal. This dress is awesome, she forgot to say she got the material out of my stash box, which was just waiting for her to make a great creation.