Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tipsy Pots Planter

I saw this fun idea on  Studio 5; my favorite local morning show. It was so clever and cute and easypeasey, I had to try it.
Lets talk pots. You can use terracotta pots or ceramic or plastic pots. They just have to have a hole big enough to fit over your pole.
 If your pots don't have a hole, if you're handy with the tools, you can drill a hole or have someone do it for you. In my case, DH is usually at work when I get the urge to do my projects, so I used ones with holes already. You want to vary the sizes, I had 2 pots that were roughly the same size and 3 more of various sizes. You can start with as big a pot as you want on the bottom or not, its up to you.
Just keep tipping the pots as you add them, you can play with the positions whatever works the best for  your pots.
The pole is a piece of rebar (5 ft. length) bought at Home Depot or any hardware type store. I think I would go with a longer length because when you push it into the ground you lose about 1 foot of length.
So depending on how many pots you are going to use, your bar should be at least 5ft long. Less if you want to use less pots. Make sense?
My dear Hubby just pounded it in the ground with a hammer, the dirt was still pretty soft so if your ground it hard you might need a heavier tool.
Find a rock big enough to rest just under your first pot, so that it tips up. Then add some potting soil.
You can plant your flowers as you go or wait unit the end. I found it easier to plant as I added the pots.
Just keep adding the pots until you run out of room, then enjoy.
What type of plants work the best, you can do succulents, any flowers that will drape over your pots.
This is cool
Be creative.

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