Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wow, it has been almost one year since Maren has blogged. She just said "I'm sure they have blogging for dummies." She wants me to check out some blogging tutorials. Man, she makes me laugh.

For those who don't know how we started this blog, it was Maren's idea to start it and being the supportive Mom that I am, I said sure.
I can count on one finger the times that I have actually posted anything. I still have to ask "Whats the name of our blog?" She says "It's posted right above the computer (On the cute bulletin board she tricked out for us).

I am blog phobic. Not afraid to read and look at other people's awesome blogs, but afraid that everyone will correct my bad grammar and what nots.
So if you're willing to read this and not judge or correct, then we have a deal.

Maren want us to post some of our New Year goals for this blog, so here's a few of mine.

1. Post some blogs, just a few to start out with, nothing major.

2. Get more followers, than our current 3. (Thanks to those 3 if you are still checking our blog site).

3. Learn how to actually take pictures and post them on this blog, because we do some freakin cool crafts and stuff.

Ok, my head is about to explode from thinking up 3 actual goals, so I will get back to my book that is calling and post again soon. Plus Buddy is saying "I got to pee".
(Our little baby chihuahua)
Peace Out everyone!