Sunday, September 30, 2012

Elements of a Great Party!

    Throwing a party is hard work, but once you know what you need it is one step easier. A good party should have these five elements: good guests, delicious food, music, gorgeous decor, and lighting to set the mood.


Good guests make a party, so it's a great idea to make a guest list. Here is the template I use. When making a guest list it is important to put a priority on each invite. Some invites are probably more important than others, like your best friend's invite is more important then your third cousin twice removed ;). That's what the status column is for. You can put down their relation to you and use (I) for important guest. This helps you remember which invites should be sent first (or sent at all ;) ). 

Guest List

 Some One Person
1234 No One Lane


These changed my life! Best Party Food Ever!
Food is probably the second most important thing when it comes to parties ( and life of course). Everyone loves food, and themed food is just as lovable. It is a good idea to make food that you have made before, don't try something weird and exotic. Food that looks cute usually taste better, half of it is appearance. Stuck on what to make? Check out our favorite food gals! Don't forget the appetizers,  sweets, and drinks.


You don't need a DJ when you have a stereo or Pandora
Music is there to make happy background noise for example, a Halloween party needs spooky noises. Go with themed music if your party is themed. If it is not, I would suggest music that is not distracting. You don't want your guest to start singing along in the middle of your conversation (unless that's the point of the party). Instrumental or softer music is a good choice.


Like this here's the link
Decor is what makes a party memorable. Not all parties need decor though. For example a pie tasting party doesn't need decorations strung across the ceiling and walls. But themed parties aren't themed unless you have them. My advice is be as crafty and creative as you can! If you want to grow magical hedges in your backyard for Harry Potter maze go right ahead. Just remember time and money is always a factor when it comes to parties. If you are low on time go with simple decor. If you are on a tight budget make decor with the things you already have at home. There are so many ideas on the internet. Go and find the perfect ones for you!


Way Cute Idea
Lighting sets the mood of the party. A party with good lighting is a lot more comfortable and better for photos. Lighting can also be a part of your decor. Such as lanterns or Christmas lights. Even just a few candles can make the room cozy.
Got to Love this!
Some other things to think about when planning a party are games/entertainment, favors, and actual invitations. My favorite place to look? Here of course!
Good luck planning your next party!
~ Maren

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Must Dos: Make A Dress

       Dresses and summer are like cookies and milk. There are a ton of summer dresses out there, and it is sometimes hard to find the one that you love. I love wearing dresses during the summer, and it is easy to make one that you will love.
     My sundress is something not-so simple; it was going to be a simple elastic band dress. But you know me I don't do simple if I want something better! It was a pain in the rear to make without a pattern, but I really love the end result!My dress form Angelina is modeling my design, I bought her at a yard sale for $50. I really like how her measurements are adjustable, and I can stick pins in her.
    But I don't suggest that you try that out unless you are prepared to get patient!
 An easy sundress to make is one like this:
It's made of a smocked material that is hemmed at the bottom.You can usually buy the material at Joanna's or Walmart, basically any fabric store.You buy a yard or two depending on how large you are around the bust. Then you can buy some ribbon to make the straps.All you have to do is sew the side of the dress and the straps on and Ta da! You have a fabulous new sundress, that didn't take that long to make! I would suggest getting the fabric on sale, because if you don't it can be pretty pricey. They also sell the fabric in different lengths, so you can make them for girls of all ages.

~ Maren

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Must Do: Sidewalk Chalk

      There's nothing more fun than vandalizing someone sidewalk! The best part was they didn't even know we were doing it! Sidewalk chalk is one of my favorite things about summer, and my neighbors are always drawing on their driveway. So that gave me the idea to draw some get well cards on two boys' sidewalks. It's funny because both of them are named Taylor, and both are on crutches! I guess it's the new fad to break yourself.  
     Sidewalk chalk is a great way to surprise someone and brighten their day. We also made them brownies. I also drew on my friend's sidewalk for his birthday last week. It feels good to be nice even if we were vandalizing their sidewalks, which I am sure is against some law. My favorite drawing was the gingerbread man who broke his leg and was saying "Oh Snap!".
    Go out and draw something today! Even if it isn't your sidewalk! Leave someone a note or just a random smiley face. Don't waste today and make your summer fun!
~ Maren

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Must Do: Go to a Festival

One thing I love about the summer is festivals! I love festivals! There's so much to do and see at a festival. You get to try new things and experience so much. Going to a festival is definitely a must do this summer. There's food and music, games and booths, prizes and lots of things to look at.
Here are some ideas to help you fully enjoy the experience:
1. Take Pictures! Lots of them! Of everything!
Toy display for Year of the Dragon

2. Eat the food! Festivals always have something new and interesting to try!
Some of the things that they had at the festival were Chinese food , Indian food , Filipino food , Thai food , Korean food , and Tibetan food. Different candies and drinks were also present.
I'm drinking my favorite Japanese soda Ramune. It's Peach flavor!

Ramune bottles have a marble that seals the top instead of a cap.

3. Watch a performance. Music, Dance, Theater; there's always something going on.
Some of the performances at the Asian Festival were Tibetan Cultural Dances, Lion Dance, Dragon Parade, Japanese Drums, and lots of Martial Arts and Dancing.

The performance stage! Don't you love the whole setup?

Traditional Tibetan Dance

The Lion Dance was my favorite performance!

4. Buy something for someone or yourself. Festivals always have booths where you can buy cute little trinkets
Girls love cute hair accessories!

Cute little charms to hang in your car or locker!

Cell phones are lame this is a real phone!

5. Visit all the booths, even the boring ones. Talk to the people running the booth, they have been there all day. They will enjoy the conversation.They usually give you free stuff!
This is the tea ceremony booth

6. Look at the displays that’s what they are there for.
Awesome Dragon display!

The kite display was really cool!

Owl Kite!

This was my favorite!

Best origami ever! It's made out of a map!

7. Make something! There is usually a crafting booth where you can make a cute little something to take home.
I made a cute bookmark that has my name in Japanese on it!

8. Visit the children’s booth, I doubt they will care if you are over 12.
9. Walk around and enjoy the experience.
10. Bring your friends and family, and tell everyone about the festival!
Find out when the next festival is going on in your area! Hope you are having a great summer! Don't waste it!
~ Maren