Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Must Do: Go to a Festival

One thing I love about the summer is festivals! I love festivals! There's so much to do and see at a festival. You get to try new things and experience so much. Going to a festival is definitely a must do this summer. There's food and music, games and booths, prizes and lots of things to look at.
Here are some ideas to help you fully enjoy the experience:
1. Take Pictures! Lots of them! Of everything!
Toy display for Year of the Dragon

2. Eat the food! Festivals always have something new and interesting to try!
Some of the things that they had at the festival were Chinese food , Indian food , Filipino food , Thai food , Korean food , and Tibetan food. Different candies and drinks were also present.
I'm drinking my favorite Japanese soda Ramune. It's Peach flavor!

Ramune bottles have a marble that seals the top instead of a cap.

3. Watch a performance. Music, Dance, Theater; there's always something going on.
Some of the performances at the Asian Festival were Tibetan Cultural Dances, Lion Dance, Dragon Parade, Japanese Drums, and lots of Martial Arts and Dancing.

The performance stage! Don't you love the whole setup?

Traditional Tibetan Dance

The Lion Dance was my favorite performance!

4. Buy something for someone or yourself. Festivals always have booths where you can buy cute little trinkets
Girls love cute hair accessories!

Cute little charms to hang in your car or locker!

Cell phones are lame this is a real phone!

5. Visit all the booths, even the boring ones. Talk to the people running the booth, they have been there all day. They will enjoy the conversation.They usually give you free stuff!
This is the tea ceremony booth

6. Look at the displays that’s what they are there for.
Awesome Dragon display!

The kite display was really cool!

Owl Kite!

This was my favorite!

Best origami ever! It's made out of a map!

7. Make something! There is usually a crafting booth where you can make a cute little something to take home.
I made a cute bookmark that has my name in Japanese on it!

8. Visit the children’s booth, I doubt they will care if you are over 12.
9. Walk around and enjoy the experience.
10. Bring your friends and family, and tell everyone about the festival!
Find out when the next festival is going on in your area! Hope you are having a great summer! Don't waste it!
~ Maren

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