Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Must Do: Sidewalk Chalk

      There's nothing more fun than vandalizing someone sidewalk! The best part was they didn't even know we were doing it! Sidewalk chalk is one of my favorite things about summer, and my neighbors are always drawing on their driveway. So that gave me the idea to draw some get well cards on two boys' sidewalks. It's funny because both of them are named Taylor, and both are on crutches! I guess it's the new fad to break yourself.  
     Sidewalk chalk is a great way to surprise someone and brighten their day. We also made them brownies. I also drew on my friend's sidewalk for his birthday last week. It feels good to be nice even if we were vandalizing their sidewalks, which I am sure is against some law. My favorite drawing was the gingerbread man who broke his leg and was saying "Oh Snap!".
    Go out and draw something today! Even if it isn't your sidewalk! Leave someone a note or just a random smiley face. Don't waste today and make your summer fun!
~ Maren

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