Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Must Dos: Cure to Summer Boredom

It's finally summer! But you have nothing to do and you are bored. The cure to summer boredom is a Must Do List. This activity list will inspire you to get up and have fun this summer. Grab some paper and a pen; it's time to start writing!
Step One: Research
Looking at other lists will help you figure out what to put on yours.
Here are some that I really liked:
Draw it!
Categorize it!
Scrapbook it!
List it!
Cute it!
Photo It!

Step Two: Put it all together
Take all the ideas you've accumulated and organize them however you wish!
Step Three: DO IT!!!!
Do the things on your list, if you feel like there's nothing to do look and choose something.
Step Four: Tell Everyone about it!
Half of the fun in doing an activity is sharing it later! So take lots of photos and post them on the internet for all of your friends to see!
Here's My Summer Must Do List:
Water fight 
Drive in movie 
Go to a festival 
Go to a free concert 
Go to the aquarium 
Have a potluck dinner 
Go horseback riding
Go to a flower garden 

Go boating 
Go cliff jumping at Porcupine Reservoir
Porcupine Reservoir courtesy of Goldie Pierce

Ride bikes 
Go swimming at Spanish Fork Reservoir

Courtesy of

Take the tracks to the gateway 
Go to wheelers farm
 Rock climbing 
Minature golf 
Make sushi 

Go to Neptune park 
Go out for breakfast 
Make a full on amazing breakfast for everyone 
Roller skating
Watch the sunset 
Courtesy of
Go to Gardener Village 
Go to a huge clothing sale
Fly a kite 
Go to the zoo 
Go get doughnuts
 Make a fort 
Sidewalk chalk 
Game night 
Spa day 
Cupcake party
 Make a pizza
 Post a video 
Make a new friend 
Plant a tree 
Explore a city 
Take my friends to a stake dance
 Sleep out on a tramp 
Mall scavenger hunt 
Photo scavenger hunt
Hide and seek at IKEA
Nickel City Arcade
Pool party
 Movie night
Thanksgiving Point Classes
Paint a Picture
Watch the sunrise
Finish my novel
Make a Sewing Pattern
Finish Personal Progress
Get my Liscence
Plant A Garden
Teach Someone
Cook something that is a advance level
Write an illustrated children's book
Build something
Craft Saturdays
Sew a dress
Sew a pair of pants
Practice design drawings
Visit a Museum
College Tours
Practice My Math
Write Essays
Write Book Reviews/Analyisis
Read more books that you thought possible
Learn a language
Visit a National Park
Play Tennis
Farmer's Market

Yes I know its a huge list but I won't get bored this summer, and all those who make one won't be bored either!
~ Maren

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