Friday, June 1, 2012

Welcome to Summer!

Today was a lot of fun, I spent the morning shopping for Welcome to Summer surprises for my 10 grade daughter. Thank goodness Walmart and the Dollar store are close by our home.
Ever since I saw my friend use an art easel on her porch of her house to write a cute message to her kids on the last day of school, I have secretly been plotting to find my own art easel.
I found one for $5.00 at my favorite thrift store. It is originally from Ikea.
I brought it home and stuck it in the garage and forgot about it. Well sort of, I knew I would use it on the last day of school to write a cute message.
So last night I got it out and cleaned it up, Mr. Cleans Magic Eraser worked wonder. It even got off marker stains and other assorted stains and dirt.
Of course I got on Pinterest and saw some cute ideas on my favorite show Studio 5. Really popular is to do huge paper signs that the kids can run through and destroy.
I took the easel and sat it by the garage where it would be easily seen when we drove up the drive way.
I used dry erase makers and wrote Welcome to Summer, blew up some balloons and slapped some summery cut outs on the easel.
She was so surprised when we drove up. It's only taken 16 years to figure out something really fun and pretty easy to pull off. It was definitely worth the effort to see the smile on her face.

Funny side line, my neighbors were getting ready for their own last day of school parties and several walked by and asked "Are you having a party today too?"  I said "No, this just to welcome Maren home on her last day of school." Her summer fling party is tomorrow. Be sure to check back for pictures and update on how the party goes.

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  1. Love it! Such a cute, yet simple idea! I have one of those easels and have never thought about using it outside! Awesome!