Sunday, September 30, 2012

Elements of a Great Party!

    Throwing a party is hard work, but once you know what you need it is one step easier. A good party should have these five elements: good guests, delicious food, music, gorgeous decor, and lighting to set the mood.


Good guests make a party, so it's a great idea to make a guest list. Here is the template I use. When making a guest list it is important to put a priority on each invite. Some invites are probably more important than others, like your best friend's invite is more important then your third cousin twice removed ;). That's what the status column is for. You can put down their relation to you and use (I) for important guest. This helps you remember which invites should be sent first (or sent at all ;) ). 

Guest List

 Some One Person
1234 No One Lane


These changed my life! Best Party Food Ever!
Food is probably the second most important thing when it comes to parties ( and life of course). Everyone loves food, and themed food is just as lovable. It is a good idea to make food that you have made before, don't try something weird and exotic. Food that looks cute usually taste better, half of it is appearance. Stuck on what to make? Check out our favorite food gals! Don't forget the appetizers,  sweets, and drinks.


You don't need a DJ when you have a stereo or Pandora
Music is there to make happy background noise for example, a Halloween party needs spooky noises. Go with themed music if your party is themed. If it is not, I would suggest music that is not distracting. You don't want your guest to start singing along in the middle of your conversation (unless that's the point of the party). Instrumental or softer music is a good choice.


Like this here's the link
Decor is what makes a party memorable. Not all parties need decor though. For example a pie tasting party doesn't need decorations strung across the ceiling and walls. But themed parties aren't themed unless you have them. My advice is be as crafty and creative as you can! If you want to grow magical hedges in your backyard for Harry Potter maze go right ahead. Just remember time and money is always a factor when it comes to parties. If you are low on time go with simple decor. If you are on a tight budget make decor with the things you already have at home. There are so many ideas on the internet. Go and find the perfect ones for you!


Way Cute Idea
Lighting sets the mood of the party. A party with good lighting is a lot more comfortable and better for photos. Lighting can also be a part of your decor. Such as lanterns or Christmas lights. Even just a few candles can make the room cozy.
Got to Love this!
Some other things to think about when planning a party are games/entertainment, favors, and actual invitations. My favorite place to look? Here of course!
Good luck planning your next party!
~ Maren

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