Friday, May 11, 2012

Project Tie Remake

   Looking for a great gift for a birthday, Father's Day, anniversary, or just cause? Making or buying gifts for guys can be a real pain compared to girls. But with this inexpensive and fun project, gifts for guys is a breeze!
   All you will need is:
 An old ugly tie
Thread & a needle
1 yard of silk or any sort of tie like fabric
Sharp Scissors
Sewing Machine (optional)
   You take the old tie and carefully rip out the stitches where the maker hand sewed the tie together. Once you have pulled the tie apart there should be the fabric that covered the tie, the tie interfacing, and on the tie's fabric there should be a some fabric sewn to the tips that make a little pocket. Take out the the tip liner thingys, and where the fabric of the tie meets, it is sewn in two or more parts, rip that out. Now you should have two triangles, a big and little, and two pieces of the tie, front ; these will now serve as a pattern for your new fabric.
    You use that to cut out your fabric then sewn on the tips to the tie front and tie back, then put the tie interfacing in it. Then hand stitch it closed and it's done!
   You also can make a paper box to but your gift in. I made mine out of scrapbook paper. Yes, i know the lady is very annoying. But its a good tutorial. 

~ Maren

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