Friday, May 11, 2012

Maren's Ginger Snaps!

      Gingers, people blessed with red hair. We are a mysterious race are we not? I happen to be a Rare Ginger,  none of my family are redheads. I think being a Ginger is pretty awesome. We are only 2% of the world! It's not clear of where red hair came from. Many theories suggest that it originated in Ireland and Scotland, due to a mutation of the gene that controls your hair type. But my favorite theory is the one The Red-Haired Prince:
       According to a legend, Prince Idon of Mu discovered Atlantis just in time to move his people to the new Continent before his land was destroyed by natural catastrophe.

He came to Atlantis during sunset, and immediately fell in love with the new land. The sky and clouds were of beautiful red color, reflecting the rays of the setting sun. The leaves of trees were moved by a gentle breeze.

Prince Idon wanted to save that beauty for all generations to see. His wish came true. The image was permanently imprinted in his own looks. His hair turned red, like the color of the sky. His face was covered with freckles, the image of the leaves.

Ever since then, any time someone is looking at a redhead, he sees the image of that first sunset in Atlantis.

Because every single redhead descended from Prince Idon, who then became the first King of Atlantis, every redhead is a Prince or a Princess of Atlantis.
 I really like this book The Redhead Handbook, it's pretty informative about all our little secrets, even the ones I didn't know about. We learn some thing new about us everyday. My favorite thing about being a redhead (besides my hair), is that we stick together! Since we are so rare when I meet an other redhead, I count them as a relative. I have a friend who I have known since elementary school, he is my Ginger Brother. We always make jokes about how we can read each others minds, or its Gingers Are Grumpy Day. Whenever  people make fun of us, we stick up for each other.

Redheads have a connection! If you don't believe me check out the Redhead Festival where thousands of Gingers gather together from around the world.
 For an English project I wrote a poem on being a Ginger and made some Ginger Snaps based on this sweet recipe . I really love Our Best Bites!!!!!
 Here's My adaption:

3/4 C Butter flavored Crisco
1/2 C sugar, plus more for rolling
1 C brown sugar
1 large egg
1/4 C molasses

1-2 drops of clove essential oil or 1/2 t ground cloves
3-4 drops of orange essential oil or flavoring

2 C flour
2 t baking soda

1 t ground cinnamon
1 t ground ginger
1/2 t salt

1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips
sprinkles (opt.)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Line cookie sheets with parchment paper or a silpat.  Or don’t line them at all :)
With an electric mixer, combine shortening and sugar and cream until light and fluffy (about 2 minutes). Add the egg and the molasses and beat until completely incorporated.
Sift or whisk together the flour, baking soda, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and salt
and then add to the mixture. Stir until combined. Roll the dough into 1 inch balls and roll in sugar.
Place on cookie sheets.

Bake for 8-10 minutes or until just set around the edges and you start to see “crackling” on the top.

Don’t overbake! You want to keep them nice and chewy-soft in the middle.Wait for the cookies to cool.
Then melt chocolate in the microwave, then dip half of the cookie.  
Set on the cookie pan and wait for the chocolate to harden. It takes less time if put in the fridge or freezer, just don't leave them in there.
Yield: about 2 dozen 

I love Doterra's essentail oils! I used Clove and Wild Orange to make my cookies.


An Original Poem by Maren Bangerter

They call us Gingers, we have red hair
They call us names, but we don't care.
Because we know we are smart, cool, and admired by all.

Some of us are tall, some have less stature,
We are all the different, but we are all the same.
We tend to be honest, and lucky because,
We have leprechaun blood.

People may want to throw mud,
But we know they're just jealous.
They may say we haven't a soul,
But you know that just because the hair on our heads,
Doesn't mean we are dead.

My people have freckles and fair skin,
They are my brothers, sisters, and friends.
We have fire in our blood, a Scottish tradition.
Our tempers are boundless; it's just another addition,
To our unique disposition

We have a mutual understanding,
Something I would say to any other, who is not of our kind,
Would sound weird to anyone of any unlike mind.

Some say we are mean,
but that's our way of being blunt.
We have red hair, pale skin, and freckles,
We may be different from the sight, but the real secret is...
We are just like you!.

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