Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Craft OFF: Stapler Edition

Went to Target this morning with daughter # 1. She wanted to get a stapler for a friend.
She was hoping to find one that was all bling-a-fied (Daughter #2's word). No such luck.
She did find 2 clear acrylic staplers for $2.08 a piece. Score!
I told her I had some ideas of how to cute it up, so she got them.
We decided that we would have a Craft smack down and see who could redo the best stapler.
Ok, after an hour or so later, here are the results.
Stapler Y

Other side of Stapler Y

Stapler X

Other Side of  Stapler X
Vote for the one you like the best in poll to the side! You have a week to vote! Comment on which one you like best and why!

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