Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

     Hey, fellow bloggers out there. I thought that I should blog since it's been a while.
Everyone has such great ideas and so many cute crafts to do. Where to start?
If Maren will show me how to link to some of my absolute favorites, stay tuned.

     Because I haven't figured out how to do the pinterest that is so popular, I always bookmark everything. Then I get on an organizing kick and think I should do some deleting. It's so hard to decide which ones still make the mark. Anyone out there have the same problem?
      It takes me forever because I have to open them and see if I still want them or not. Then I get side tracked looking at the creative ideas.
   So, I have put on my brave hat and just randomly deleted ones that I think I don't need. I figure I can always find them again if I want. Sound crazy? We'll see.

   I have a huge crush on Nate Berkus. He is on NBC.  Can I say that he is so yummy?I love that last week on his show, he had a guest on that only shops at thrift stores and redecorates people's homes with his great finds.
        This super hero's name is  Mr.Goodwill Hunting. His mother calls him Rashon Carroway.  The budget is $300.00 and sometimes he comes in under budget. Any clients dream come true.
On this episode Goodwill Hunting found at the Goodwill (hence his name) a sideboard (in mint condition) that at Bakers Furniture retails for $17,000. No that's not a typo, that's right $17,000. Nate was so impressed.
      Want to know what Mr. Goodwill Hunting paid for it? He paid $74.25. It was marked at $99.00 but he asked if the guy would come down in the price and he got 25% off just for asking.
It pays to ask.
      Then he takes all the treasures back to the workshop, where he and his crew repurpose's, repaints everything. 
The tip he gave that I loved is when shopping thrift all that matters is that the end products are cohesive. Don't be afraid if there are nicks or scratches in the furniture, most can be sanded out and fixed. Hate the color? No problem, repaint it.
Mr. G.H. found a chair that he redid the fabric, I loved that chair. I wanted that chair so bad!

You know you did a good job when the client shakes and cries at the same time in the reveal.

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