Monday, March 19, 2012

Sweet 16 Birthday Decor

      My birthday was last month and I made the cutest decorations for my party. I made a banner out of scrapbook paper and yarn, some tissue paper pompoms, and I strung some twinkly lights. The menu was potstickers, panko chicken, chips and salsa, and cake of course! My sister made the Chocolate Mousse Crunch Cake  from the gals at, she left out the heath bits and well it didn't exactly turn out pretty. But it tasted great! And everyone loved it! I also got some nice presents from my friends, and we played Maren Jeopardy and Accent Draw ( were everyone gets an accent and has to talk in that accent the rest of the night). We also played the tape game (its kinda like musical chairs) and Just Dance 3. We couldn't get them to leave.  Probably the best birthday ever! Sorry about the picture quality I wasn't planing on posting the decorations and food.
     ~ Maren
Isn't The Cake just lovely?
My Cousin Geogia and My Sister Josie 

Cake and icecream, don't forget the Ginger Ale

Scrapbook Banner in the background with my balloons and twinkly lights

mini orange pompoms

The guys enjoying their cake

More decorations

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  1. Love the idea of an accent game!!! That would be so fun. Your pom poms turned out amazing! Love the decorations!