Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Adventure: Fabric Flowers

This week's adventure, we made fabric flowers.
Here's what you'll need to make 1 flower:
3 Fabric Squares (coordinating patterns and 3 sizes)
Hot Glue Gun
A Button
Wooden Craft Stick
Step 1: Fold square into a triangle. then fold in half and in half again.
Step 2: Cut in a zigzag pattern.
Step 3: After each square has been cut, glue each piece (largest to smallest) together. Push down with wood craft stick(so you don't burn your self).
Step 4: Glue on a button, pushing it on with the stick.
Step 5: Turn the flower upside down while still hot, using the wooden stick push on the sides to form bowl shape ( this gives the once flat flower some shape).
Step 6: Let the flower cool and can be added to headbands, bags, and more. Or a pin or clip can be glued to the back of the flower to add some flair to your clothes or hair.

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